We service a wide range of industries.

Medical IT

As a healthcare provider, you have enough problems to worry about without having to deal with inefficient technological resources. Insource IT understands how important it is that you always have access to responsive, reliable and customised technology that aligns with your healthcare needs. Insource IT provides the healthcare IT support you need.

Finance and Accounting

From managing accounting software & multi-system integration to maintaining the highest level of security, our goal is simple – to provide you with highly skilled IT engineering support, allowing you to leverage technology to achieve peak performance, without interruption, at a fixed monthly cost.  

Forensic and litigation IT

Today, most businesses work and communicate electronically. Computers can hold an organisation’s entire intellectual property. Gaining access to this information through specialised IT forensics experts can prove crucial in making cases for corporate fraud or other wrong doing.

Architect IT Services

Insource IT has dedicated much time and effort into understanding the workflow, and IT needs of architectural firms, and we are confident that we have the IT support capability to give your business the IT foundation you require.